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Book UK Study Support Session

Book UK Study Support Sessions

Do you know what UK course you want to study as an international student? How does that impact on your intended career and residency choices after your studies?

How do you choose a university to study at considering varying tuition fees, cost of living and quality of life for international students in UK universities. In this session, we will work with you to determine what UK universities and courses are the best fit for you based on:

  • your existing qualifications and skills
  • your career choices
  • your budget and other personal circumstances

At the end of this session, you will have a list of 3 or more courses you can confidently apply to for admission. 

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UK University Admission Application Support Session 

Securing admission to a UK university is a critical step in your journey to becoming an international student in the UK. With the increasing number of international student applications received annually by UK universities, it is important that you submit an application that stands out and gives you the best chance of securing a place. 

In this one hour session, we will work with you to:

  • Develop an application that matches your qualifications and skills to the eligibility criteria of your chosen course
  • Develop a compelling cover letter that gives you the best chance of securing a UK university place
  • Meet the relevant application deadlines and all other requirements to secure a place

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UK Study Visa Application Support Session

In this session, we will draw from our wealth of relevant experience to guide you through your online UK study visa application process. The session will focus on:

  • Reviewing appropriateness of your documentation
  • Reviewing completeness of your documentation

You must come to the session ready to commence the completion of your your online visa application. If we are unable to complete the application in the allocated one hour, we will support you outside the session to get your form ready for submission at no extra cost.

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15 Minutes Free UK Study Consultation Session

To start you off on your journey to becoming an international student in the UK, we offer a free 15 minutes consultation session to discuss your desires, plans and next steps. This session will cover:

  • Your ideas about UK study 
  • Your next actionable steps
  • Practicable timelines and deadlines
  • Any questions you may have about your plans
  • How we can support you achieve your dreams of becoming an international student in the UK.